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Here I Come – Aarna Mishra

I am passionate about ART & CRAFTS and have been learning pottery making since last few years, and have collected many of my crafts and also sold lots through my father’s store HANDMADE WORLD, which only sells handmade products. Now I am, going to put my art on my website to show my craft and sell
and raise/collect money for my room which will be full of ART & CRAFT accessories. I am also too passionate about cooking, which also I will start sharing on my website very soon. I have been playing Tennis, since last 4 years and have been selected for playing under 8 for my team at Sri Fort. I am very confident that, I will become great in my Art & Craft & specially in pottery making which I would LOVE to teach.

Thank You
Aarna Mishra

Hand Crafted Pottery Made With Love​

Thanks For Taking The Time To Check Out My Work!​